Weird inspirational stuff

It’s pretty interesting how mundane things can become a source of inspiration. Great artists create great songs after falling in love or loosing a close friend, or under the light of a life changing experience. Yeah, sometimes it goes like that. But, I don’t know... Maybe, as years go by, falling in love looses its colour, any new experience becomes something similar to “been-there-done-that”. Still, the emotions remain.

Try to remember the last time when you were angry. Probably it was something trivial. Like, a car that wouldn’t start or some dumbass on a street.

So, my last great inspiration was a... screwdriver.

My girlfriend asked me to repair a leaking garden hose. I borrowed a screwdriver from her father. Her father was away for few days, so he didn’t know. I couldn’t fix the hose right away. Had to get some stuff from hardware store. And on the next day, I realised that I have lost THE screwdriver... One would think - “it’s not a big deal, buy a new one”. But I knew that her father was very pedantic regarding his tools. It was an old screwdriver, covered with insulating tape. Probably used for ten years, fixing cars, boilers and fences... Great sentimental value. Yes, screwdrivers carry enormous sentimental value.

I looked for the screwdriver everywhere. It had simply vanished in thin air. I already prepared a remorseful speech for the guy. I was ready to buy the best screwdriver in town, just to make him feel better.

On the next day, I found the screwdriver by the mirror, next to my girlfriend’s cosmetics. God knows how it got there.

Upon finding it, I was filled with joy and happiness. My mood lifted and I came up with a song in few minutes.

I think great artists lie about their inspirational sources. I am sure - most of the songs are always written after some incidents involving toasters, scissors, cats and balloons.

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