I am recording a new album

Fuck!!! I totally forgot that I have a blog section in my web page. I guess, I should be thankful that I remember having a web page... I was actually very determined to write regular posts, but, as I just checked, I have managed to write two peaces in 2017. On January 13 and February 7. And now it's already 2018. Great job!

But that is not that important. Not that I'm a clever person.

Maybe it's wise to keep my mouth shut for a while and concentrate on music. What is important? The fact that I have started a new album. It's going to be called "Ghost of a Lizard". Some of the songs are already 80%-90% recorded and produced. As previously, I am going to record and produce everything myself. I have a new place for my studio, some new gear. I really hope that I have improved my producing skills and will be able to achieve everything I have planned to do. Not that my skills are that important. Music is what makes the difference. The same can be said about toilets. The very toilet you' re sitting on is important, not the guy who installed it. I will continue being true to cartoon punk-rock genre. There are going to be songs about griphons, graveyards of clowns, midgets and others. There's going to be a birthday song, although right now I have just a first opening line for lyrics ("Cut the crap, let's cut the birthday cake"), but I'll figure something out. I am little bit surprised that I have a song material already. I thought it will take at least seven years from "Monkey Behind the Leaves" 'till the new album, but Pegasus was hitting my window like birds from Hitchcock movies. I got scared, plugged the wires and started recording. It's a great feeling of having absolute freedom in making my music in whatever shape and form I like. Being free from any deadlines. And being free to forget about the blog section.

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